Love Oz
June 6, 2012, 9:41 am
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As I decide: should I stay or should I go, and how much effort should I make to stay if that’s on the cards, I’m struck by all the things I love about Western Australia (and possibly Australia generally). So here’s a list, in case you were wondering.

1) How breaking other laws is fine to many that I know but may you be struck down by a firey bolt of lightning if you dare litter in any way. Keep Australia Beautiful!

2) Does every girl in WA have a closet full of cute sundresses and shoes? That they wear to the park on a Thursday night? I love the way women under 35 dress. At the races, the beach, sometimes it seems like everyone wanders around looking ridiculously cute.

3) That Emu Export is made in, and only available in, WA.

4) Slang. Oi. Bogan. Get a dog upya! Snagger sanger. Arvo. Ta. So endless, so entertaining.

5) Mates. The loyalty most of the guys I know have to their male friends, and the expectation it will be returned, has reminded me how nice it is to know there are people who have known you forever who will love you no matter what you do. Or whose doorstep they get a call from telling them to pick you up.

6) Nicknames. How, when speaking to a female about a male it is reasonable to use his actual name but if expecting his male friends to understand who you are talking about you have to refer to the guy as “Davv-o”, “Wombat”, “Millsy”, or whatever they call him, as they will not understand otherwise who the story is about.

7) People arguing about Julia Gillard. Strangers, on public transit, in large groups. Friends in the pub. Whoever. At first the velocity of the arguments was terrifying to my mild Canadian senses, now, mostly entertaining.

8) Footy players. Is this the most attractively stocked professional sport? Possibly.

9) Sunday. Sessions. This should probably be #1. Is there anything better than draft beer watching the sun go down on Sunday with your friends over the ocean? Doubtful.

I know there is more if I think about it. Vegemite, swags, and pub life. Barbeques on the beach and endless white sand. I realize there will probably be more to add to it if I don’t get kicked out of the country come spring. Yeah, Australia, you’re alright.