July 23, 2012, 10:51 am
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“Are we still on for spin class?”
“Ahhhh I think we might have to cancel. Was drinking last night and met some strippers, they and the boys might be coming over to our house for a private show.”
“Let me know.”

I live rent free with two guys in a bachelor pad, one is in Europe for two months, the other is leaving in two weeks for a long wander across America and parts of Germany. There is only one key to the house, a fair number of people in town know where it is and come round when they like. Fishermen, artists, surfers, farmers. If I don’t want company I just move the key.

I am one of a stream of foreigners that have occupied the spare beds, rent on a sliding scale of how much you make and how much they like you. I would love to offer the same wherever I end up someday.

There is a hammock on the porch, Fear and Loathing posters on the walls, a wrench to turn on the hot water in the shower. I have the nicest bed I have had for years, double with flannel sheets and an electric blanket.

We live a block from a stunning stretch of ocean.

I have to work at 8 am a lot lately because my surrogate grandfather who does the early mornings is sick. I am a shitshow at 7:45 when I am supposed to get out the door, but on a regular basis I find myself thinking: I am happy. It is before 8 am in the dead of winter and I am so happy.


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