You Don’t Need That Anyways
April 21, 2015, 10:20 pm
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Rest, ice, compression, elevation.

Bodies send wake-ups via injury: you are tired, you are not fit.  This one was loose knees popping free at the first chance, of course when staying somewhere with 40 feet of precarious stairs, of course an hour driving from the beach where the ligament(s) blew out.  You may as well stop at the fish and chip truck, so we did.

Slow down, it said, and fix yourself.

Crutches feel silly.  They draw attention in public.

The good thing about the end of the world is that suffering will end!” the Jehovah’s witness projects, right at me, outside the clinic, at 8:41 am, after an hour and a half of slow pedals and mysterious machines.

Do you need any help?” a man with urine on the front of his pants, and stubble on his face, says between transit transfers.

The worst part was thinking about things not yet done.  Wake up.  Or not being able to do other things again.  Anything can happen, a small thing, a big thing, and the options can change.

The surgeon says the letters we had guessed at anyways, A C L.  His trainee tells me about a bone fragment they can see on the x-ray, floating around where the ACL should be.  He doesn’t pull the surgery scheduling trigger or rush an MRI, rather wait and see if it’s even necessary, it’s not necessary for everyone.


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