The Big Chill
April 28, 2016, 6:43 pm
Filed under: when I grow up

Sometimes, counting the theoretical work days (less weekends, stat holidays, time off) before this is done.  Not the most useful preoccupation.

In just less than eight months, there will be a plane trip.  After this trip, in theory, there will be a calculated notice period.  Maybe the explanation will be a long walk on the beach, there’s time to work that out.  It won’t be that this exit was planned from the start and just took a bit longer due to bureaucracy.

There is no tangible reward waiting for performing at anything less than the acceptable standard right now.

A further, blunter commentary, written and rewritten many times.  Any efforts made in the last few years to deliver exceptional results (which have been delivered in most metrics available) have been met with vaguely insulting, unintelligent responses.  There isn’t any discernable malice, just stupidity and weakness.  The kind where you reflect on an interaction and it’s hard to contain the fremdschämen.

Better management would have led to a mutually beneficial response.  Mild intuitive sense or knowledge of the standard business model would have helped.  The solutions were obvious and still are.

The problem now is keeping in the game just a bit longer, which is proving tricky.  Perspective necessary to power through the last run.  A little bit more fakery.  A little bit more tolerance for moments where the insticts are eye rolls and a good firm shake.

Maybe this is the lesson.


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