End of Marathon
July 13, 2016, 3:52 am
Filed under: overtly political

Performance anxiety sets in about three days in advance, like dark storm clockwork. It happens.  Then sleep.  A predictable cycle.

“Bring your friends! Come back soon!” he says, passing some sandwiches over.  He’s so nice, the world is a nice place.  Waiting.

This summer has been mostly rain, not much heat.  Halfway in, feeling like it’s just about to start.  Sundresses half unpacked, waiting, like these months.  Almost.

It’s funny how the metrics change.  In this place flush with resources, some is everything and nothing.  Arriving here, there was enough.  Enough to solve problems, get out.  Then there was a surplus, enough to put a bit here and there, a net.  There were some milestones.  Not everyone has a net, but instead of thinking about that, the gaze goes upwards.  At the top of any given hill, there is a mountain ahead, something that will make a kingdom into a fiefdom, and a fiefdom into serfdom.

Credit Suisse says the median net worth per adult in Canada last year was $74,800, the true middle.  In the USA it was $49,800.  The world median is $3200. (All USD)


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