Zen AF.
August 10, 2016, 12:46 am
Filed under: when I grow up

Day 93.

A significant portion of the day involves avoiding things that are annoying as the clock runs down.

Exhibit A.  Roid Rager.  Rager calls women “broads.”  He fake tans (really).  He owns a tiny dog and a loud, sort of fast car.  He spends his days in a haze of loud, undeserved self-aggrandizement.

Rager is having a high volume meeting that sounds like he could be aggressively selling a bad used car.  This is a good time for a bowl of soup.

Exhibit B.  The incessant drilling that begins for the last hour of the day.  So high volume that normal speaking becomes difficult.  Reverbrating through the office.

Rather than waiting to see if it will subside, it seems appropriate to just go.

Exhibit C. The fridge.  The fridge is very expensive.  It may or may not work.  Today, it thawed the entire freezer, including some emergency burritos.

Really, just a good excuse to eat burritos.


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