Four Years
September 19, 2016, 6:56 pm
Filed under: when I grow up, work work work work work

Day 65.  Winter clouds have settled over the hills, the rain comes down a bit harder.  Skip the commute.  Skip the damp, the push onto the bus, the soggy smells Skip trying to pick the right jacket, which is somehow the wrong jacket.  Stay right here.  Make tea.  Wait.

Last week was chaos.  Can’t everyone be cool for, oh, about three more months?  Just do the job?  Ah, no, this is not possible.

Two years ago, the past week would have been wrenching.  Middle of the night wakeup inducing, gut churning.  Today it’s not.  This could end tomorrow and aside from some immediate logistics, things would be fine.  At least, on this side.  Annoying but fine.