All a Lot of Oysters
November 27, 2015, 12:25 am
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Letting the grey creep into this hair, for no particular reason.  Watching it grow like small weeds.  Seeing what happens.  Soon it will be time, the hairdresser will think this is crazy, yes.

Still ID’d twice in the last month.

Winter tackled hard and fast this year, it feels colder than the last ones.  Sometimes, two jackets.  Shut out the pictures of summer rising in the South.

It’s not that time flies when you are having fun, just the opposite.  Time flies if you are waiting.  Eyes too far ahead on the horizon, missing what passes.  Blink a month away.  Scary.  Scary thinking about what the month could have been, knowing how good one month can be.

It’s not that bad.

Because there are still nights with sangria and the sweetest fat prawns, with new friends who make pasta.  There are still days with fresh air walks through the trees in forests that seem to stop time, through galleries and new streets.  Small things that are perfect as-is.