A Catalogue of Winter
February 27, 2017, 10:57 pm
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Chelsea Boots with wooden soles.  Impulse purchase in a store entered to escape the bad weather.  “We have an excellent exchange policy,” the clerk said, as though the boots were the wrong size, even though they were tried on, or the credit card holder looked a bit shabby.

A vegan snack box.  Vegan snacks are taste Russian Roulette, where the secret ingredient is always dates and cashews.  Unfortunately, non vegan ‘healthy’ snacks are always sneaking in weird dairy iterations.  Powdered-milk-whey-cream.

One bag is literally dried apples.  Another is basically rice and salt.  It could be worse.

Japanese pens.  The kind of ink that’s between gel and not gel, precise.  Just hard enough to get.

Summer concert tickets.  These same tickets three years ago – same venue, same artist – sold last minute because of a work thing.  The one that got away.

A fake Rails shirt.  Those drape-y plaid shirts that women in LA wear that are hand wash only and like, one million dollars.  No, it is not strange to have no idea about this.

Hawaiian Coffee.  About four years ago, when the dollar was low (or was it the commonwealth dollars were high?), Honolulu.  Honolulu is expensive even when it’s cheaper and it was a few hours until a flight with currency to burn.  This bag of coffee, not the adulterated gift shop version but the real thing roasted fresh, the stuff of fever dreams.  This most recent bag is okay but it’s not the same.

Bluetooth Headphones.  Obvious.


The Last Big Thing
February 20, 2017, 2:13 am
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This is the last one.

As the work bleeds over from early morning until late evening, that’s what makes this possible.  There are bright moments, sure, but this is so unsustainable.  The guilt of taking time to do anything else – eat, breathe, let the mind wander – is tiring.  The interrupted sleep. For what?  The agitation creeps in, the sense of time being already sold. For what?

Just a little bit further.  Winter will end.

Some things are going okay.  After what feels like months of wading through bureaucracy, there are little flickers of light.  Things start to work out.

For all the gnashing of teeth and subdued panic last Fall, this last part is working out as well as it probably could.  Winding down, but probably not too obviously.  Just busy enough.


February 5, 2017, 11:04 pm
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Activities on procrastination Sunday.

Make pancakes (with blueberries) and french press coffee.

Skim real estate listings, pretend this is useful.

Load and empty online shopping carts, infinitely.

Repeatedly refresh the news cycle sites, be disappointed when nothing seems to have happened after a non-stop barrage of world events.


Add up all money available from all sources.  Make a spreadsheet.  Make a plan.