tea leaves
November 16, 2016, 1:19 am
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It started with some fudging, what exactly is lost to time and old email accounts.  Have you ever done this before? Sure.  The initial gig was crap but from it within a short time came a handful of marketable skills that led to the next job.

Once there, gradually, responsibilities accumulated and training opportunities appeared.  Sometimes, someone in another industry would offer work. That job had so many things that were personally enjoyable: slightly physical work, interesting customer interaction, the potential to constantly expand various skill sets, a type of detailed organization, flexible scheduling.  The money wasn’t even bad.

I think about this now, trying to find the thread back.  If not this, then what?

Would it have been different if that moment away had been parlayed into an apprenticeship here in the city?  Would anyone have even said yes?

It doesn’t matter, but maybe it can say something about the future.


November 9, 2016, 12:24 am
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The bowtied guitar player smiles and sings in French.  A pineapple express breeze fades the last few months of rain and dark, maybe it wasn’t so bad.  The market is just busy enough, freed of the summer tourist crush.  The sandwich is average, but the walk to find it: exceptional.

Stress contorts the muscles, pushing them over one another, pulling entire body parts into uncomfortable positions, compounding and multiplying the problem.  The desk becomes physically unbearable; the ‘ergonomic’ chair torture.  Suddenly, focus on anything else is impossible; the body is overtaking the mind, a biological system override.

Day 30 is a strange land.