The Day Before Tomorrow
August 30, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Despite all attempts towards parsimony I currently have three (3) bags that should fit in one (1) bag, a bunch of work at work that I would like to finish by 3pm tomorrow, an apartment that needs to be scrubbed to get my deposit back, a short list of errands bombarding my head that are sort of uncontrolled, and twenty four hours until I should be having a shower/having dinner/heading to the airport.

But it’s sunny where I’ll be the day after tomorrow, and I’ll never have to move this stuff around again after getting rid of it this time, and if tonight goes okay and tomorrow goes okay then the rest of everything should be just fine.

Just. Fine.


28 August, 2010 23:27
August 28, 2010, 11:27 pm
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Friday night lights style college ball game. Spirals into the end zone, home team wins. Checked the club revamps in town with a friend of a friend who gets to skip any lines. The times they are a changing as cover gets a little more expensive and the djs get a little more slick. Kids still look the same though. Tonight there’s a huge birthday party in a classic bar that could get messy.

Meanwhile I am curled up in bed avoiding the cool air and reality that today is one of four left. Today has been a series of unproductive discoveries and annoyances. Frustrations. Distractions from all the peaceful weekend goodbyes that had seemed so possible. I am going to make pancakes and address the situation. I am going to be fine.

August 27, 2010, 4:01 am
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I have promised myself to do work tonight, bribed by soothing music at a coffeeshop and warm herbal tea. So far, no good. Today I did a lot of coworker-related socializing. No matter what I will be shunned for leaving but I like to think leaving an impression as the cool girl who made jokes sometimes is most likely to deter the jealousy-induced bitchfest that plagues some coworkers when someone gets up the nerve to quit.

Everyone is hating on facebook lately. Me too. It’s boring. Everything that used to be interesting and funny via smart people has been censored by fear of what will be divulged/who is watching without a sense of irony. This leaves the uninteresting masses, updating about the mundane details of their lives which was interesting for about six months but has rapidly lost steam. Writes the girl with an uninteresting blog about the mundane details of her life.

B-unit and I were discussing his fashion history this week, caught amidst a riveting restaurant line waiting game of “spot the college students”. He had the poor student phase, the dude up north phase, and is now into a fairly stylish age appropriate urban but not trying hard phase. Anyways, we got to me. I can’t dress myself or buy clothes on my own because I don’t have a proper conception of my bodily proportions. We decided it’s a good idea to go through what I’m packing and trying to haul across the world and to decide in advance if it’s ill fitting and ugly and should actually be parted with, however reluctantly. Think of all those people who went a month wearing only ten things. Ten things!

Tonight is warm and humid. The best kind of nighttime temperature, still in the mid twenties after dark. I’ve been thinking of everything except practical things, like what kinds of clothes I should pack for New York (still apparently sweltering on arrival). This is all over the place right now because I am all over the place right now.

Are grad hoodies passe? I love the way kids around town are dressing right now, very The-Row-trickle-down soft blank tshirts and shorts.

I need to go home and at least do something productive. As soon as this massive Shark Week episode finishes downloading.

I hate reading old entries and seeing typos. There’s one where I use the wrong form of sentance. That’s ridiculous. But all of the deleted apostrophes are a remote publishing glitch. Thinking about doing a quick site edit so eventually I can tell people about this and they can decide whether or not to keep up with wtf I do with my life/time/bandwidth.

Listening: The Bronx / Cell Mates : Heart Attack American
yeeeeeah contrast.

August 25, 2010, 1:10 am
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When I was a kid I saved all my money and bought bonds. My allowance was something like $2 and I kept it in a bank account and watched the interest compound. My brother bought action figures.

For years I asked my mom about the bonds. Today she told me they are lost, she thought she left them in a safety deposit box and they aren’t there. My parents stored endless action figures for my brother for a decade, he has unpacked them and has them all around his house.

24 August, 2010 05:17
August 24, 2010, 5:17 am
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This comes live, from my phone, in bed. This phone with capacities that took forever to bother using, which will be surrendered in a week. This will be fine.

Today offered a new solution to the ongoing tech sync problem, something to test out. The multi month to-do list has worked out pretty well but I would feel better leaving knowing that my minor digital life was synchronized and triple backed up.

It is bizarre to observe as I am able to mentally detach how much happier I am and how my faculties for certain kinds of thinking return. Illusory? So much humming of the circuitry, even when not consciously thinking about the work. Because while some parts of this came so naturally others took continual input to maintain?
Everything is… Sort of empty. Sort of almost not quite. Ideally things would be ready by this weekend. Scrubbed, sorted, done.

This NYC Thing
August 18, 2010, 11:09 pm
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[Five nights, six days. Not really my thing. I am eating an apple from Bs backyard tree, where all my fruit comes from these days. Tonight , a roast with some vegetables picked from a friendly garden and some horseradish picked by the side of a highway, grated up and mixed with vinegar.)

The problem maybe is being too in love with ordinary America and ordinariness in general.

But, scanning and cross referencing sources, making plans and walking guides, signing up for random lists. For me the ideal tour would be bizarre NYC, the kind of high quality oddity scene only sustainable in a dense urban space. Modern galleries, unobtrusive people watching.

Show me what you got.

Saturn Return
August 18, 2010, 1:42 am
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I finally quit my job.

Good idea, bad idea, I guess we’ll see. There hasn’t been any huge backlash (I put appropriate spins on what I’m doing out there for appropriate groups, I think) but there will probably be some less than warm goodbyes. The thing is, it’s not that it was a bad job or the people were bad or the work was unduly terrible. Everything was okay. For other people with things like mortgages, children and houses – this job makes all the sense in the world. It’s probably better that this move wasn’t forced by hating life in any real sense, because it’s not a rash decision, it happened with careful measure and patience.

But still people will ask why. It seems.

Maybe they’ll get an answer or a version of an answer.

Maybe they won’t.

How does it feel to be hurtling towards unemployment? Better after I found out I have more in currency stocked up abroad than I’d thought – enough for September, enough to get bearings, enough to ride out a possible exchange rate dip. This is so minor yet feels better. Small sureties.

Some practical details in case you’re interested.

I decided to delay organizing anything for the next step, no tickets, no visas. I’m also staying with my bank even though I’m not in love with them because (1) the online banking is easy and concise, (2) they have offered all kinds of overdraft protection and inexpensive credit that is a backup to the backup of the backup, (3) the card appears to works everywhere in any machine. I do figure I’m going to open up a separate TFSA within the next bit so the cash held in it earns a modest bit of interest and keeps pace with the modest current inflation.

Selling furniture, so far, has been a pain. Hopefully the town is flooded with students ASAP who need student furniture. To be fair, the only thing that was ever new was a queen mattress. The donation drop date is probably the weekend after this one. A run by the used CD/DVD store is sure to be disheartening but will hopefully be worth lunch.

Outstanding: insurance and fresh credit cards.

Tonight: the second edition of trial packing. Since the first round, a few things have shifted because of a trial and wear project. I also need to seriously test the capacity of my carry on and how the “second bag” surfboard bag with a longboard skateboard in it is going to fare…