Moving On
October 20, 2011, 2:30 am
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My boss, who is sort of a dragon lady, was on holidays for a few blissful weeks. Then she came back, I got sick, and she screamed at me. For half an hour, while I was still fairly ill. She really is the only blight on an otherwise fun and easy job. My coworkers are awesome, the customers are really lovely and the pay is super decent. Even the small town that I live in is remarkably well outfitted and charming.

(Because I live where I work, I pretended to be a lot dumber than I am and apologetic for things I should not apologize for. I’m neither of these things and she’s going to have a government complaint to deal with on Friday along with some well drafted records of everything she is doing wrong. xoxo)

Anyways, during her tantrum, she threatened to fire me among a variety of other bizarre threats and accusations. I walked across the street, applied for two jobs and was offered both within two days.

The new job is (a) on the beach (b) near some breaks (c) for pretty much the same income. The town is significantly bigger and it is surrounded by national parks. The bus fare to get there is minimal and I get to spend this weekend in Perth because a guy from town is driving through anyways and offered me a lift. Blessing in disguise? Hoping so.

One of the nice things about the Aussie system is that although backpackers generally get some pretty bad deals, as many of the people I have met along the way can confirm, it is actually pretty easy to apply and move on. References aren’t really a thing and once you have some experience (and as long as you speak passable English), it’s game on. In WA, the Transwa bus system is ridiculously inexpensive compared to Greyhound fares internationally, and pretty convenient considering the size of the towns being serviced.


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